I am starting off today with an in depth look at Burma. It is a curious choice to visit given its rich history. If you look back into their history, they too had a well developed “industrial” class and a large middle and lower class. Civil war took care of that.

I would recommend reading about Burma Given it is Wikipedia, I would fact check everything, for instance “what led to the civil war?”

What is the importance of visiting Burma now? Is it a fellow Nobel Laureate status that feeds the visit? Is it resources? What pray tell could it be?

Fiscal Cliff

Boehner made his comments and they were for the most part conciliatory towards the Administration that “we can work a deal.” This reminds me, there was an article somewhere that detailed the meetings between Obama and Boehner the first go around…Let me find it….

Here it is – The NYT Magazine gives an excellent overview of the negotiations between Obama and Boehner on the Budget during the last crisis in 2011