Today is the day of reckoning for Republicans. The fog of booze and of a hard-fought political campaign are over.

Republicans and Democrats alike are talking about the same issue. However, intellectual dishonesty does not allow for unbiased, unemotional discussion. It is about taking swipes on the Left and protecting your turf on the Right.

In reality, both parties have the same problem. The issues that take them out of the mainstream and marginalize them are similar. The list below is an interesting one and each of them are minority positions, but we fight majority political battles over them.

  • Abortion
  • Donald Trump
  • Religion
  • LGBT
  • Environment
  • Conspiracy Theories

In the larger context this year, one issue emerged that appeared confused in the dialogue – race. Ideologues of the Left turned voter suppression into racism, the Right flat out ignored minority demographics; but when you heard the news both sides were calling unfair voting practices.

When it is all said and done, the Republican Party does have a great deal of thinking to do. It also is in a tenuous position battling the multiple bases it has amassed under its own social agenda. While the Democrats are comfortable for the next 1, 461 days; they too must be ready – the Republicans will be dissecting this win and the respective demographic bases in 2016 will all be in play.

The question today is….

Will another party emerge?