Republicans are scratching their heads and moping around today as the market craters. Democrats are gloating and discussing the demise of the Republican Party. Pundits are either discussing the great party last night or the headwinds of the nightmare to come from Congress.


  • Benghazi – if you have not watched the Benghazi testimony in front of the inquiry panel, I highly recommend you take the time to watch the Benghazi Libya Congressional Hearings (CSPAN). Be forewarned, the video is 4 hours, but damn is it well worth hearing.
  • Fiscal Cliff (CSPAN Video)
  • Republican Congress
  • Federal Debt
  • Voter Demographics
  • Superstorm Sandy


And in other news from the re-elected administration (there really wasn’t any); On the first day of his second term, President Obama left Chicago and went back to the White House.