President Obama’s Plan for a Second Term. This is a bit over simplified and I’m not sure where the manufacturing “boom” is occuring, nor do I know how to reduce deficits responsibly in the middle of a recession. Perhaps this administration will show leadership in ways that have evaded it for the past four years.

Given the re-election, one of the interesting phrases we have all become accustomed to is “We inherited a terrible economy from Bush.” Well, at this point, the only one left to blame for the past four years is the administration itself. I hope they succeed. I pray,  wish, carry a rabbit’s foot hope they succeed.

If you are interested in reading the plan he published just before the election, it is saved here on this site for future reference. It is worth the read from the standpoint of “The Plan”.

I disregarded the Romney discussion, I figure leave that behind now that the election is over.

So, I asked myself, “What is the plan Stan?

This being day one, I figure we should prepare ourselves for what is to come and hold the Administration accountable along the way.

Today’s photo credit: barackobama.com